Great Falls Farmers' Market Announcement:

We are back at the Great Falls Farmers’ Market! 

You must preorder your items to be picked up at the Great Falls Historical Society table.

To preorder your items, please call or email Alex: 

Cell: 540-656-0648


Items for Sale:

NEW!!!  Harvey's Hollow 100% Pure Maple Syrup ($15.00).

You know Harvey from his local Raw Wildflower Honey, you can now taste pure maple syrup from the maple trees located on the farm of Harvey's father in Pennsylvania. Not only is it is good on pancakes and waffles, it can be a great sugar substitute in cookies, lemonade, and tea. 

Harvey's Hives Raw Wildflower Honey ($15.00) BESTSELLER

Do you want honey that was produced within 30 miles of where you are? Don't worry! The Great Falls Historical Society is selling local, raw honey. Limited time only.

How to Cure a Thousand Pounds of Ham and Other Recipes ($10.00)

Do you want to be self-sufficient during this time of crisis? Don't worry! We have the historic cookbook containing the recipes that our American ancestors used before the invention of the gas and electric stoves. It also includes Mrs. Robert E. Lee's recipe for Blackberry Wine and George Washington's Family Recipe for Mushroom Catsup.

The History of the Old Georgetown Pike ($20.00)

Do you know that Georgetown Pike used to be a bison's path? Or a privately-operated road? This book will tell you about these things and more!

Used copies of June 1987 Issue of National Geographic magazine ($2.50)

Do you know that a portage led to our Constitution? Or a town was named after one of "Light-Horse" Harry Lee's wives? This magazine contained an article the answered these questions and more!

My Land... Your Land... This Land at Cornwell Farm ($40.00)

Did you notice an old, brick mansion on Georgetown Pike in Great Falls? Do you ever wonder what stories it and the land had if they ever speak? Luckily, someone wrote a know-it-all book on the history of Cornwell Farm. Get a copy and learn about Cornwell Farm.

Harvey McLean Community Players Bookmarks ($5.00)

If you have seen the McLean Community Players production of Harvey at the Great Falls Grange in March 2018, you can buy these bookmarks as remembrances of watching a play at the Great Falls Grange.

Great Falls Grange postcards ($1.00)

Do you know a loved one who used to live in Great Falls and is isolating themselves due to this pandemic, you can send this postcard of the Great Falls Grange with a few lines.

Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department, Incorporated: A Historical Note ($5.00)

What started as an auxiliary unit to the McLean Volunteer Fire Department on May 5, 1942 evolved into what is now the Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department. Printed in the mid-1980s, this publication tells the first 40+ years of the institution still provided protection of life and property against the threat of fire as well as providing rescue.

Reflections 1991-1994 ($5.00)

What "The Rambler" wrote about the several families living around Great Falls? What Antonio Vega remembered about the Washington D.C. area in the 1920s? What were the experiences of the "new-pioneers" who settled in the Great Falls area in the 1930s? Learned about them and more in this publication.

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