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To feel the pulse of earth
where man has trod and
for the future keep the past.

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View of the Great Falls of the Potomac
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Analemma Society
Colvin Run Elementary School
Colvin Run Mill
Forestville  Elementary  School
Friends of Riverbend Park
Friends of the Great Falls Library
Great Falls Citizens Association
Great Falls Elementary School
Great Falls Elementary School PTA
Great Falls Foundation for the Arts
Great Falls Friends
Great Falls Garden Club
Great Falls Library
Great Falls Newcomers
Great Falls Optimist Club
Great Falls Studios
Great Falls Trail Blazers
Great Falls Volunteer Fire Dept
Historic  Colvin Run  Dance Hall

GFHS Programs
Tour of Hidden Springs
Archeological Survey of Riverbend Park
The World War I Memorial on the National Mall, It's History and Preservation
Annual Holiday Party
The Escapades of John Singleton Mosby the "Gray Ghost" in our area
Preservation and Reuse of the Wetsel Seed Building in Harrisonburg, Virginia
Virginia vs. Maryland: How Virginia Won Its 2003 Lawsuit Against Maryland to Protect Its Rights
         in the Potomac River, and the Supporting Role Played by the History of Great Falls

Danger Between the Lines: the Civil War conflict along Hunter Mill Road

Presidents Corner

News & Events
Pictures of the March 2009 "Tie Guy" Program
Pictures of the May 2008 Annual Business Meeting
Pictures of April Dodona Manor Tour in Historic Leesburg
Pictures of the March 2008 Program
Pictures of February 2008 Annual Banquet & 30th Anniversary Celebration

Nominate a "Celebrated Tree"
Student of Westfield High School Develops Historic Web Site
Historian, Milburn Sanders, is Honored
Ash-Dome Project Plan
Merrybrook - an endangered residence.

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Annual Memorial Day Ceremony

Sully Plantation Events
Fairfax Parks Calendar of Events Preserving the Historic Road conference

Great Falls Activities for All
Original Pieces of Wright Flyer Sought
Identify a Centenarian for the "Witness to a Century" Project
A Drive to History

GFHS CHRONICLER — Including past issues.
Oral Histories Available
Fairfax County Chancery Records Will be Online
Guide to Women's History Manuscripts Now Online
Fx. Co. Resources Online
Society Potluck Dinner and Other GF Recipes

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GFHS Oral Histories
Beach, Warren
Breeden, Willie
Brittin, Burt
Cockrill, M.P. Jack
Cornwell, Paul
Costley, Mrs. Otrich Sharper
Day, Freemont
Donn, James
Ellis, Joseph
Faulkner, Marie
Feighery, Thelma Arnn
Fitzgerald, Robert
Follin, Donna
Follin, James Walton
Getchell, Martha
Greene, Katherine Follin
Hammond, Richard
Historians Walk at a Photo Exhibit
     Those interviewed:
         Breeden, Willie
         Follin, Donna
         Sanders, Milburn
         Tucker, Willis
         Whetzel, Naomi        
Hopkins, Margaret
Hummer, Keith
Jackson, Wade
Jenkins, Bessie W.
McGavin, Virginia
Millard Family Reunion
     Those interviewed:
         Cockrill, M.P. Jack
         Faulkner, Marie
         Hummer, Keith
         Van Patten, Charles
         Van Sickler, Danelda
         Van Sickler, Mr. & Mrs.
Reid, Marian
Ring, Emily
Sanders, Milburn
Thompson, Hazel
Thompson, Mr. Melvin & Mrs. Margaret
Tucker, Willis
Utterback, AliceSpeaking at the BPW Club of Great Falls
Utterback, Fred
Utterback, Fred and Alice
Van Patten, Charles
Van Sickler, Danelda
Van Sickler, Mr. & Mrs.
Warner, Hilda Offutt
Whetzel, Naomi

GFHS Publications
This Land at Cornwell Farm
Land Above the Falls
Grandpa's Shadow
How to Cure a Thousand Pounds of Ham and Other Receipts
The History of the Old Georgetown Pike
Old Roads & New Insights
National GeographicJune 1987 issue featuring the Patowmack Canal
The History of the Great Falls Fire Department
Annual Report 1983-1984
Reflections: 1984-1985
Reflections: 1985 -1986
Annual Reports 1986 -1988
Reflections: 1988-1991
Reflections: 1991-1994
Reflections: 1994-1996
GFHS 1993 Calendar — Historic pictures of Great falls
GFHS 1994 Calendar — Historic sites in Great Falls
GFHS 1995 Calendar — Historic sites in Great Falls
GFHS 1996 Calendar — Historic sites in Great Falls
GFHS 1997 Calendar — Historic sites in Great Falls
GFHS 1998 Calendar — Then & Now: 20 Years of Change
GFHS 1999 Calendar — Bicentenial Tribute to G.W.
GFHS 2000 Calendar — Great Falls As It Was 100 Years Ago
GFHS 2001 Calendar — Historical Residences of Great Falls
GFHS 2002 Calendar — Colvin Run Road, a Va Scenic Byway
GFHS 2003 Calendar — The Communities of Great Falls
GFHS 2004 Calendar — Great Falls & Riverbend Parks
GFHS 2005 Calendar — The churches of Great Falls
GFHS 2006 Calendar — Celebration of dairy farming in Great Falls

Great Falls History in Pictures
Dr. Alfred Leigh
Dickey's Inn at Matildaville
Great Falls Park Railway Station
Elkins Station 
The Old Schoolhouse
Colvin Run Mill in Winter
Harrison's Grocery & General Store
Riverboat in Patowmack Canal

Toll House
Photo Album
Towlston Grange Then
Towlston Grange Now
Cornwell Bryant House
Henry with Mrs. Cornwell
Henry Cornwell with Students
Dr. Alfred Leigh Home
The Turner Farm
The John Locke House
The Brooks House
The Van Patten House
Collas Harris House
Mary & Frances Hilton Cabin
Robert Lanham House
Mark Turner House
Sander Hill
Pherson House
John Pearson House
George Cummins House
Jesse Smith House
John Nelson Follin House
Four Stairs

Photo Album

Photo Album

Early Great Falls Area Post Offices
Early Postal Service
Springvale Post Office
Dranesville Post Office
Deanwood Post Office
Colvin Run Post Office
Great Falls Post Office (1878 - 1917)
Great Falls Post Office (1913 - 1917)
Bucks Store Postal Substation
Forestville/Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department
Great Falls Post Office (1959 - 1981)
Great Falls Post Office (1981 - 2000)
Great Falls Post Office Now

Local Lore
Brief History of Great Falls, 1600s-1900s
Dogue Indians—our local tribe
Great Falls Park - as it was
Colvin Run Historic District
Why is it Called Utterback Store Road?
Historic Road Yields to the New
Origin of Great Falls Place Names
An Historical Theater Organ in Great Falls

George Washington's Land Ownership in Great Falls
Great Falls & Brian Fairfax in Washington's Life
Letters Between Washington & Brian Fairfax
Washington's Potomac Canal Project

I Am From — a poem by Emily Folin
A Halloween Prank
A Blind Man's Broom Machine
An Earlier Great Falls Lifestyle
Daniel Cornwell in Electric Car CollisionWash Post, 1899
PLAY BALL!!! Great Falls and America's Favorite Pastime
School Days in the Old Forestville Schoolhouse
Thirteen Dry Years in Forestville
As a Son Remembers
A Most Foul Murder
Thelma's and the Pig Farm
Prize-Winning Heifer Ramey Meets Dr. Strangelove:
    The Impact of the Cold War on a Virginia Farming Community

Great Falls Houses as Documents
The Grange in Great Falls
The Great Falls Grange—Number 738
Colvin Run Mill
Millers House—Colvin Run Mill
Daniel Cornwell and His Mills
The Cornwells & the Bryants
The Gunnell House
Buck's Store
Harrison's Grocery and General Store
Dranesville Tavern
Log House at 9615 Georgetown Pike
The Log Home on Innsbruck Avenue
The History of 241 Springvale Road

Fairfax County Stories: 1607-2007Virginia 2007 Committee
Historians Tackled History of Tysons Corner
The Preservation of Fairfax County History
George Washington's Land Ownership In Great Falls
Cordelia Grantham Sansone's Journey with the Carpers
Historians Publish Quilt Book
His Excellency: George Washington
Books on Fairfax County Civil War History

Discovering History in the Parks
Fairfax County Site's Role in Suffragist Movement
Chain Bridge Road Important to Fairfax County DevelopmentDonald J. Senese

Great Falls in the Civil War
The Civil War in Great Falls
The Action at Dranesville
The Rambler Visits Sugarland Run Neighborhood
Dr. William B. Day - Civil War Papers
Experiences as a Mosby Ranger
Reflections of a Union soldier
Merrybrook - Laura Ratcliffe's Home
Ratcliffe/Coleman/Hanna Family Cemetery
Our National Heritage and Our National Anthem
The Yankee? Dixie? Leg
Marcus McCutchan
After Midnight

Links to History
Great Falls Area
Fairfax County Area
Alexandria Area
Arlington Historical Society
Historical Fairfax Newspaper Index (1785 - 2000)
Historical Copies of Washington Post Newspapers
Richmond Civil War Newspaper
Small Civil War Letters Archive at Baylor
Local Grist Mills
Links to Sites of US Mills
Society of Architectural Historians
Heritage Preservation Services—National Park Services
American Revolution
Civil War
Virginia History Resources
Virginia's Native Americans
Archeological Society of Virginia
America's Story by the Library of Congress
National Archives and Records Administration
Our Charters of Freedom
The Declaration of Independence
The U.S. Constitution
The Bill of Rights
The Star Spangled Banner

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