Great Falls
Historical Society

To feel the pulse of earth
where man has trod and
for the future keep the past.

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View of the Great Falls of the Potomac
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GFHS 2011-2012 Board & Committees
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President Kathleen Murphy
Vice-President Mark Burch
Recording Secretary Doris Carpenter
Corresponding Secretary Betty Swartz
Treasurer Bob Lundegard
General Counsel Jack Nutter
Photography Archivist Archie Brown
Photography Archivist Emeritus Naomi Whetzel
Director Pro Tem Jacqueline Olin
Long Term Directors
2011 - 2014 Ruth McCully
2011 - 2014 Sarah Iannucci
2012 - 2015 Asra Nomani
2012 - 2015 Jennifer Sobich
2013 - 2016 Carolyn Miller
2013 - 2016 Suzy Traut

Chronicler Editor    ----------- Kathleen Murphy
Education   ----------------------

Lynne Roots
Asra Nomani
Hospitality  ---------------------

Betty Swartz
Lynne Roots
Lynn Fitzgerald
Membership  -------------------

Lynn Fitzgerald
Gayle Russell
Oral History  -------------------

Kathleen Murphy
Ruth McCully
Nancy Wilson
Photography  -------------------

TR Cook
Archie Brown
Photo Archivists  --------------

Archie Brown
Carolyn Miller
Preservation  ------------------

Bob Lundegard
Ruth McCully
Programs  ---------------------

Kathleen Murphy
& Program Coordinators
Publication Sales  ------------

Doris Carpenter
Jane Bloodworth
Publicity   ----------------------

Maggie McNeal
Kathleen Murphy
David Bettwy
Web Master   ----------------

Archie Brown
David Bettwy

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